Artist Statement

              I have been surrounded by art my whole life. My mother, Arlene, is an artist. Through
the years, she has exposed me to all different mediums. I have worked with Ceramics to
Colored Pencils to Acrylics. Along my artistic journey, I was drawn to beads and have been
working with them for about six  years now. I joke around saying that if I were a fish, I’d be
caught. My eyes are attracted to shiny objects and the way they sparkle in the light. My pieces
begin with the things in my life that make me smile. They inspire me to be creative and share
the love and fondness I have for nature and animals of all kinds.

My creative process begins with a simple line drawing. From there, I paint the piece using
different mediums which produces several textures. The next step is hand-placing seed beads
over the part of the painting that I wish to be the focal point of the piece.  Since the glass
beads are semi-translucent, they interact with the paint which produces the final affect.  I
enjoy the challenge of working with the various textures  to complete one cohesive piece of

    I look forward to the many years I have ahead of me to grow and to touch people’s lives.

  Art Exhibits and Memberships

    Fine Art America-
    Illinois Artisan Program-Illinois
    La Grange Art League Gallery-La Grange, IL Monthly
    Chicago Artist’s Coalition-Chicago, IL
    Chiaroscuro-Chicago, IL  
    Two Bostons-Naperville, IL
    Unique Freaque, Ltd-Oak Park, IL Store front closed in 2009
    Brookfield Gallery Walk 2008, Brookfield, IL
    Evolving Artist's Art Competition and Exhibit- December 30 2008-January 30, 2009,
    Beverly  Art Center-Chicago, IL
    Celebrity Charity Chair Auction-Chicago, IL 2005 & 2006
    "The Dog and Cat Days of Summer" Gallerie MK, Group Show-2009-Chicago, IL
    Beverly Art Competition and Exhibition at the Beverly Arts Center-2009-Chicago, IL
    12th Annual Chicago Art Open-2010-Chicago, IL
    "Cats and Dogs and Bears...Oh My!!"-Two person Featured Artist Show-
    La Grange Art League Gallery-La Grange, IL-October 2010
    "In Bloom: A Garden Art Sculpture Event"  May-August 2011-Oak Brook, IL-
            Received Honorable Mention

Art Fairs

    50th Annual Oakbrook Center Fine Art Exhibition-2012-Oak Brook, IL
    49th Annual Oakbrook Center Fine Art Exhibition-2011-Oak Brook, IL
    14th Annual Lincolnshire Art Festival-2011-Lincolnshire, IL
    4th Annual North Shore Festival of Fine Art Old Orchard-2011-Skokie, IL
    2011 Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival- Hinsdale, IL-
Received Honorable Mention
    2010 Holiday Art Spree-Illinois Artisan Program-Chicago, IL
    20th Annual Wilmette Arts Guild Festival of Fine Arts-2010-Wilmette, IL
    2010 Ethnic Arts Bazaar, Illinois Artisan Program-Chicago, IL
    38th Annual Evanston Lakeshore Arts Festival-2010-Evanston, IL
    3rd Annual North Shore Festival of Fine Art Old Orchard-2010-Skokie, IL
    13th Annual Lincolnshire Art Festival-Lincolnshire, IL-
Received Merit Award
    37th Annual Evanston Lakeshore Arts Festival-2009-Evanston, IL
    19th Annual Wilmette Arts Guild Festival of Fine Arts-2009-Wilmette, IL
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