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Fine Artist

Arlene created The Fine Art of Coloring in memory of her friend and
mentor Stephanie Donaghey who passed away in 2014. “I was
inspired by Stephanie’s commitment to improve the quality of life
for our seniors,” said Arlene. “Stephanie’s integrity and belief in
treating our most vulnerable population with dignity and respect is
what she’ll be remembered for.”
Working together for nine years and being friends for thirteen,
Arlene dedicated The Fine Art of Coloring to Stephanie because of
their shared love of art and gardening.

The Fine Art of Coloring includes:
  • 32 pages flower drawings from simple to more complex
  • Instructions for multiple uses
  • Color examples

Additional copies are available for purchase.
Please Contact Arlene Salamendra for information

Thank you for your Interest. With your purchase, a local Nursing
Home facility will receive one free.

The Fine Art of Coloring
A Life Enrichment Activity

Written and Illustrated by Arlene Salamendra